Saturday, April 29, 2006


home again!! after two weeks on the road.
ke Bandung, Jogja, and Bali....bukan hanya too much gigs (yeah, gigs paling banyak dalam tur kali ini) bisa sampai 4 acara di Bandung...hmmm but too much beer also.
saya tidak ingat lagi kapan terakhir minum air putih..dooh!!

dan ini beberapa hal yang tidak penting menjadi catatan selama perjalanan.

1. Kings Of Leon record is so inspiring. not that i wanna steal their beats and not that as good as Omaha kids doin' with their lyrics...but i just felt some "motherfucker-hell0-world" feeling of it...

2. Guess that you are happy with your little journey with an old-same-brand-new badboy? well i miss you...

3. Got a lot thought abaut having my bussiness back again..well, that one would be thrill me dad...being such a nice kids once in awhile is not so bad any way..think that i'm ready for the office..

4. really have this high appetite to eat Italian food...oh!!

5. Did i mention that i miss you?, well if i had mention,... i miss you again..

6. i want some sleep!!!!

With hands in the air you look like the girl at the fare with the bubbly eyes.
stonewashed shoe pulling at a rock but the rock don't compromise,
come up to me say why are you so skinny and pretty for a boy?,
said thanks for the insults and compliments
you'll never forget my face no more

i can't hardly reach you and i know it's getting harder to be you.
so i'll be dropping you where nobody knows,
city ought to take you,
it would take a little second to break you
so i'll be dropping you where nobody knows,
i'll be dropping you where nobody knows

Where Nobody Knows - Kings Of Leon


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